Friday, February 28, 2020

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 Assignment

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 - Assignment Example The policies have the objective to prevent against the dangerous consequences, which are leading to climatic changes. Climate treaty was made in 1997 addressing the harmful effects of the carbon emission in the climate, which is known as the Kyoto Protocol (Vidal et al., 2009). The treaty was however unapproved by the major economic countries including the United States. It helped the developed countries but the developing countries were not at all happy with the treaty. The developing countries like China and India also opposed to this treaty as 50% reduction in emission will wreck their economy. The nations looked forward for an agreement which will help them to develop their economy and also prevent the harmful effects of emission (International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2009). The United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 7th December to 19th December, 2009. It was the conference which included 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 1 5) to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNCCC) and the fifth meeting to the Kyoto Protocol. It is basically the continuation of Kyoto Protocol. It marked the conclusion of the two years negotiating process, which enhanced the international climate change collaboration between the countries. More than 115 world leaders attended the conference along with 40,000 people who are the advisors or the governmental or the non-governmental organizations (International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2009). The conference took place with the aim of addressing the adverse effects of the climatic change that is taking place with the emission of the carbon and green house gases. The developing countries hoped that the Copenhagen Conference will make a fair deal for them by settling the issue of the dangerous climatic changes. But the conference went through a lot of controversies for a week as the developing countries like China and India pointed out that the conferenc e has not been transparent to them. Lot of decisions was made prior to the summit and that news infuriated China. The leakage of the news that European Union has agreed to cut down carbon emission about 50% along with other developed countries. They have completed industrialization so they can afford to cut the emission to that extent. But the developing countries like China, India, etc cannot afford to reduce the emission to that extent because that will bring an end to their economic development. China in alliance with India said that the Copenhagen Conference was held only to make a show off by the European Nations after Kyoto Protocol was opposed by all the developing countries. They even pointed out the fact that the conference aimed at creating a pressure on the developing countries as all the decisions are made before the conference only. United Kingdom (UK) which is the member state of European Union had experienced increase in the carbon emission till 1990 basically due to the extensive manufacture of the short term consumer goods. But with the initiation of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the government of UK was forced to reduce the emission by 50%. As UK has been a developed country it did not face that much problem in reducing to that extent. In 2009, when the Copenhagen Conference was held they have their own set of mission and vision before coming to the conference which are given below (Anup, 2009). a) Mission of United Kingdom

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