Wednesday, November 20, 2019

News Perspective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

News Perspective - Essay Example This is the reason why online newscasts can have a better chance of placing the advertisements as and where they are required as compared to a television newscast. The marketing perspective within this online newscast served its purpose because I was able to view the advertisement for a period of 30 seconds before I could reach the exact content of the newscast. It made sense to me that the online newscast placed its advertisement right before the actual content of the newscast. The sources used in the news stories were deemed as both appropriate and credible. The sources deployed have actually brought quite a good amount of credibility and authenticity to the whole process. This is because the newscasts were seen as a form of research which exhibited true value for the advertisers and marketers. They were able to project their stories in a manner which was deemed as most fitting under the changing marketing dynamics. They believed that these newscasts could bring forward credible sources that shall make the audience perceive them as truthful at all times. It is indeed a much positive aspect related with the sources because these are viewed as credible and trustworthy. When one concerns the basis towards the television and the online form of newscasts, the onus always falls upon their source genuineness because it aims to resolve the ambiguities that exist within the relevant fore. Hence it is important to validate the sources present within the online news casts because these keep on changing from time to time. There is good enough evidence that these newscasts might have been tampered so as to attain some hidden agendas, which might be accomplished through these newscasts. The element of biasness was evident within the broadcast since one aspect was being portrayed while the other was found missing. This meant that one perspective was taking the

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