Monday, November 18, 2019

Politics in the Caribbean and United states Intervention Essay

Politics in the Caribbean and United states Intervention - Essay Example in Caraley, 4). This egocentric approach of the US is what has prompted it time and again to get involved in the domestic matters of other nations. But the immediate reasons have been different for different regions and countries. For example, As far as the Caribbean region is concerned, it is observed that it is the â€Å"dramatic asymmetry in power† between the US and the Caribbean nations as well as the â€Å"geographic proximity† that prompted America to intervene there (Maingot and Lozano, 1). The US has been initially interested in this region so as to control â€Å"the commercial sea lanes† and also this interest was based on its policy of â€Å"dollar diplomacy† that is, â€Å"military intervention to promote and secure economic expansion† (Maingot and Lozano, 2). The importance that the US foreign policy gave to â€Å"stopping communism† was yet another reason why America often intervened in the Caribbean (Manigot and Lozano, 20). Sp ecific examples show that US annexed Puerto Rico as a full-fledged colony, established a puppet military government in the Dominican Republic, tried to overthrow many times the Cuban communist government and militarily occupied Haiti (Langley, 157). And as Caraley has observed, it can be concluded that the American foreign policy as evolved in the period of George W. Bush â€Å"is the establishment of American hegemony, primacy or empire. In the Bush doctrine, there are no universal norms or rules governing all states. On the contrary, order can be maintained only if the dominant power behaves quite differently from others†

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